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We Are Making Some Changes.

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

As with everything changes are inevitable. And as such we are making even more changes here at The Dive Place.

As most of you know moving to Clermont was Phase 1 of our plan. At the end off November next door becomes available and during December construction will begin on expanding the store and more space.

Finally there will be no more cupboard under the stairs for me as an office!

Our newest Crew member SDI Open Water Scuba Instructor Chance is settled in and so you will start to see him out in the water a lot more.

2024 will see an expanded amount of Dive adventures added to the calendar. Some of these will include:

  • Early February will be the first of several ventures to Puerto Rico and the amazing Scuba Diving it offers.

  • We will be returning to The Georgia Aquarium several times a year during 2024.

  • At last a weekend Adventure to Pensacola and the Mighty O and some of the other Great War wrecks in the area.

  • We are adding a trip to The Caymans to explore it's reefs.

  • Our annual Florida Keys Trip will be later in 2024.

We tested the idea earlier this year and it was a huge hit so beginning January 2024 we will be adding our T-Shirt of the month and other monthly specialty merchandise.

Immediate changes in the store is some changes to pricing.

  • Advanced adventure will now include at no extra charge air tanks, reg set, BC and wetsuit.

  • Regulator rental is $20.00 per day.

  • Air Fills are $8.00 regardless of size. Exception is pony bottles.

  • Nitrox Fills 0-80cft $10.00

  • Nitrox Fills 81cf-100cf $12.00

  • Nitrox Fills 101+cf $15.00

  • Air Fill Cards $64.00

  • Nitrox Fill Card 12 fills 0-80cf $100.00

  • Nitrox Fill Card 12 fills 81-100cf $120.00

  • Nitrox Fill Card 12 fills 101+ $150.00

All this is our next round of changes. But there is more to come!

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