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Have you always wanted to be able to expand your field of view underwater? Or perhaps ease the way you breathe. You might have even thought wouldn't it be nice to not have jaw fatigue. 

Imagine being able to talk to your dive buddy or group. 

Then Full Face Mask Specialty course is your next logical step. They allow the diver to relax and enjoy diving.

Welcome to the world of the

Full Face Mask!.

Experience a whole new world of diving in a Full Face Mask. Imagine being able to breath through your nose or to actually talk to your dive buddy underwater.


Now imagine no more fogging, leaking or flooding. Say goodbye to jaw fatigue and hello to an unprecedented field of view.


Enjoy a whole new level of diving like you have never imagined by signing up for the Full Face Mask Specialty course. 

The Full Face Mask Specialty focuses on safety and knowledge. During this course you will learn about:

  • Proper fit and placement.

  • Emergency procedures.

  • How to use the communication units.

  • Differences between diving Full Face and with a regular mask.

  • Paying attention to details with pre-dive and during your bubble check.

  • During the diving sessions you’ll practice:

  •     Mask replacement.

  •     Out of air scenarios.

  •     Identifying and correcting problems.

To participate in the SDI Full Face Mask Specialty you must hold the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver certification or equivalent. In addition the minimum  age is 18, 15 with parental consent


Along with all the basic scuba equipment, you’ll need to ensure you have your regular mask and snorkel.


Additional weights might be required due to the inherent buoyancy of the Full Face Masks.  Your SDI Instructor and The Dive Place Crew  may suggest other equipment options, such as wearing more exposure protection to stay comfortable in cooler water.


This SDI Specialty course may count toward your Advanced Adventure Diver certification and/or the SDI Master Diver Certification.  Ask your instructor about earning credit.

What you need is basic diving equipment such as mask, snorkel, fins boots, weights, BC, regulator, tanks, rescue signal device and any additional equipment required for the particular SDI Full Face Mask Specialty certification.

The OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask is available for rental.


In addition all entry/boat fees, transportation to/from pool, dive training sites or boat docks is not included in the price of the SDI Full Face Mask Specialty course.


Let one of our crew members introduce you to the world of the OTS Full Face Mask systems and show you The Dive Place difference!

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