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Introducing Oceanic+

The Dive Place is proud to partner with Oceanic and offer the incredible Oceanic+ Dive Housing for Purchase or rent.

Capture Your Dive Like Never BEFORE!

The Oceanic + Dive Housing allows divers can snap color-corrected photos and videos all while keeping an eye on dive parameters.

With the amazing automatic color correction and advanced media editing, divers can capture and relive their diving memories in a whole new way.

Relive Your Dives Like Never BEFORE!

Right after the dive, your data—including your GPS entry and exit location—automatically syncs to your iPhone and the cloud, where you can see a summary of your dive profile.

In your logbook, you can easily sort and search your past dives and instantly share your adventures with family and friends.​

The logbook features a carousel of pictures and videos taken during the dive and showcases at what depth and time the media was recorded.

For sharing, the diver can overlay the dive profile on the photo to tell a more interesting story for their family and friends to enjoy.

The Oceanic+ app allows divers to use both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone with Oceanic+ Dive Housing concurrently on the same subscription, giving them the ability to run both dive computers independently at the same time.

Take It Out For A Test DIVE!

Stop by and see for yourself.  At The Dive Place our Crew members will show you all the amazing features of the Oceanic+ Dive Housing

 Take the Oceanic+ Dive Housing out for a spin yourself and try its many amazing features. Once you try it you will certainly want one for your own. We have available the Oceanic+ Dive Housings for both purchase and rent.

The Oceanic+ Dive Housing requires an iPhone and the Oceanic+ App  that is available from the Apple App Store. 

To unlock all the features of the Oceanic+ App and Dive Housing a very cost affordable customizable subscription is required. 

One Day Subscription $0.99

One Month Subscription $9.99

One Year Subscription $79.99

Subscription rates subject to change.


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