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Walkers Dive CHARTER

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Come and explore with The Dive Place and discover the rich marine life and abundance of wrecks that are the true treasures of West Palm/Riviera Beach. 


Spanish treasure ships of the 1700's, barges, ships and even a 1985 Rolls Royce lay off the coast of West Palm Beach.


The incredible and beautiful natural reefs that run parallel to the shore are surrounded by clear water. 


Favorite dive sites like the beautiful coral reef "The Gardens" and the 60-90 feet "Ledges" offer a variety of dive sites to explore.


With the warm waters, sea turtles, treasure ships, reefs and wrecks, every diver should be able to find dive spots to enjoy at West Palm Beach!


Call The Dive Place on 407-517-4737 to join us on this fun and wonderful dive adventure!

Diving With Walkers Dive CHARTER

Walkers Dive CHARTER

To make this an adventure to remember we chose Walker's Charters to be our host. 


Setting a high standard  when it comes to Scuba diving, Walker's Charters is in a league of their own. With their Coast guard certified custom designed 36ft boat built "Wetter The Better" can certainly go the extra mile making it perfect for scuba diving.


On-board amenities include:

  • 14ft extra wide deck

  • Large dry storage area for all your gear

  • Two fresh water rinse hoses onboard

  • Large freshwater rinse bin for camera

  • Large ice cooler with complimentary beverages and fresh fruit.

  • 60% of the boat is shaded

  • spacious bow for those wanting to soak up the Florida sun.


We believe that Walkers Charter and their amazing crew will provide our guests the opportunity to make this an adventure of a lifetime!

Walkers Dive Charter LOCATION

Walker's Charters 

200 East 13th Street. Slip P25

Riviera Beach. FL. 33404.

Water & Weather CONDITIONS

To dive with Walker's Charters, a Scuba Diver Certification Certification is required. Advanced Diver Certification may be required for some divesThe Dive Place can help you obtain certifications prior to this amazing adventure.


To join us, or if you have any questions about this dive adventure, please call 

The Dive Place on 407-517-4737.


Its All In The Details - AKA the Fine PRINT

Prices does not Included - 


Boat Gratuities, Transportation, And Meals.


Diving our West Palm/Riviera Beach all divers MUST have proof of Scuba Certification. 


Divers are encouraged and strongly recommended to have Enhanced Air Nitrox certification to enhance their dive experience although not required, 

The Dive Place can help you obtain any of these certifications prior to this amazing adventure.


Scheduled Boat diving is hosted by Walker's Charters 

Please note ALL wreck diving is non-penetration diving. We do not allow any penetration into wrecks. The exception is if a wreck such as the Lady Luck has large cutouts, or has it's cargo doors removed so there is clear large exit.


Payment must be made at the time of reservation. Failure to make payment will result in cancellation of reservation.

Please note we do enforce a 14 day cancellation policy. Failure to cancel before this date will forfeit price of the Dive Adventure. ALL divers are REQUIRED to carry a Surface Marker and Timing Device. No spearguns, spear poles, or hunting equipment. 


DAN Diver and Dan Trip Insurance is strongly recommended. Click the link at the bottom of the page for details on DAN Insurance.

Tank rental prices are pickup from and return to The Dive Place.


Terms and conditions as well as the scheduled dives and/or locations are subject to change. 


To reserve your space, or if you have any questions about diving with us on this fantastic adventure, please call The Dive Place on 407-517-4737. 


Come with us and let us make this the adventure of your life!


To reserve space, or if you have any questions about diving with us on these fantastic adventures, please call 

The Dive Place on 407-517-4737.

Let us show you The Dive Place difference!

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