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Blue Heron BRIDGE


The Blue Heron Bridge area is internationally recognized by scientists, scuba divers, underwater photographers, and snorkelers for its abundance of unique marine life. 


Squid, octopus, spotted rays, and starfish are regularly seen. Seahorses and pipefish in all sizes and colors make the top of the list at this amazing dive site.


A snorkel/diving trail made of limestone boulders and prefabricated reef modules spans a two-acre area in 6 to 10 feet of water. 600 tons of rock were used to build this artificial reef.


The diversity of marine life make this one of the most enjoyable shallow water dives.

Call The Dive Place at 407-517-4737

and let us show you the adventure of your life!


Blue Heron Bridge LOCATION

The Blue Heron Bridge

Phil Foster Park

900 Blue Heron Blvd.

Riviera Beach. FL. 33404.


To dive the Blue Heron Bridge Scuba Diver Certification Certification is required. 


Divers are required to carry a dive flag. Please note visibility can vary greatly depending upon tides and sea conditions.


To join us, or if you have any questions about this dive adventure, please call 

The Dive Place on 407-517-4737.

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