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Pensacola FLORIDA


Pensacola has however been long overlooked as the incredible dive destination that it really is. 


Let The Dive Place take you on an adventure to some of the thousand individual dive sites, catering to all experience levels and interests.


Explore the abundance of wrecks including the world's ultimate dive site, the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany!


Perched on the border between the Florida and Alabama Gulf coasts, Pensacola, the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail offers an adventurous opportunity for heritage, recreational, and ecological tourism.


Whether you're new to the sport or an experienced Eco-Adventurer, you can see it all here.


Call The Dive Place on 407-517-4737 to join us on this fun and wonderful dive adventure!

Pensacola Florida LOCATION

To dive the many incredible dive adventures along Pensacola, Advanced Scuba Diver Certification and Nitrox Certification is required. Wreck certification is required for any wreck penetrating. The Dive Place can help you obtain certifications prior to the amazing adventure.


To reserve space, or if you have any questions about diving with us on these fantastic adventures, please call 

The Dive Place on 407-517-4737.

Let us show you The Dive Place difference!

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