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Workplace CPR-AED

This OSHA and ILCOR compliant course combines cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) into one program. 


This t is designed to teach the proper techniques to safely administer CPR and utilize an AED in emergency situations involving infants, children, and adults.


While not addressing first aid measures this course is the perfect way to prepare individuals to address one of the largest killers worldwide. Implementing CPR and AEDs in the event of an emergency can drastically change outcomes for the better.


This course is for everyone including:     

  • Businesses looking to protect their employees.                                      

  • Lifeguards.                                                             

  • Babysitters and Caregivers                                           

  • Those who need OSHA & ILCOR training.

Who Is This Course FOR?

The Certification PROCESS

The process is straight forward to earn your First Response Training Certification. The minimum age for this course is 18 years of age, 10 years of age with parental consent.

The course it's self is divided into two components. The successful candidate must complete both components  to receive certification.

Step 1 - Academics

We offer two options to complete your academics - eLearning or manual. Once you complete the academic portion you can begin your classroom training at The Dive Place.

Step 2 - Skills

In the classroom you will demonstrate the skills you have learned about in your eLearning or read about in the manual.

These skills will include:

  • Assessing the situation

  • Evaluating the risks

  • Assessing the patient.

  • Proving CPR and using the AED

  • Information gathering


Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 11.21.26

Once you complete your academics and classroom training you will be issued your certification and card. 

You will then be a certified provider  card for Workplace CPR.

Stop by The Dive Place and enroll in this life saving class. 

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