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Let's Go Dive!

We have been busy building our dive schedule as we look further into 2024 and beyond! Here are some of our upcoming Adventures to join us on.

Upcoming Dive Adventures!

Join us as we explore and discover the excitement of West Palm/Riviera  Beach Boat diving with the amazing Captain and crew of Walkers Dive Charters on The Wetter The Better!

The fascinating and many reefs and wonders off the coast are part of one of the most extensive reef systems in Florida. 

Come and dive with us as we drift down the river.  Because of no runoff tributaries, this amazing spring fed river is nearly perfectly clear. The underwater clarity can reach 100feet plus making the clarity it's number one feature.

Filled with aquatic life you will see a range of animals

Experience double the Adventure on our Double-Dip Dive. We start with a afternoon 2-tank dive to the reefs and wrecks off West Palm/Riviera Beach. Then we return to the inlet and head around to Blue Heron Bridge to do a night dive from the boat.

Join us on an Adventure to find your own piece of a Jurassic World on a adventure of discovery off the coast of  Venice Beach Florida - The Shark Tooth capitol of the world.

The Venice Beach area is world renown for fossil diving from small shark teeth to whale bones to the incredible and highly sought after Megalodon teeth.

Come with us on an adventure to dive, explore and experience the Mighty Military Machines of the Florida Panhandle.

An adventure to some of the many military wreck and dive sites.

Explore magnificent wrecks including the world's ultimate dive site, the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany!

An unforgeable adventure through the Florida Keys that offers incredible diving. 

The Florida Keys are home to amazing reefs and unforgettable wreck diving. Many reefs are only 10 to 20 feet deep and make for amazing shallow dives. 

No matter what type of diving you prefer the Florida Keys has everything you could hope for and so much more!

Building Even More Adventures!

A magical underwater world that offers incredible diving for all in Puerto Rico.

Amazing reefs, unforgettable wall diving and bioluminescence experience. Many reefs are shallow and make for amazing experience for new divers. 

Puerto Rico is home to a world of discovery and adventure. Come dive, explore and discover Puerto Rico.

Dive into the blue and explore the crack in the Earth between the North American and European tectonic plates at Silvia.

Crystal clear glacial water with over 300 feet of visibility, giving you underwater scenery that you experience on your Diving Tour is found nowhere else on Earth. Experience the Silfra Fissure.

Exciting thing are happeing in the store and with our upcoming TDP Adventures travel program to bring even more amazing adventures for us and our guests.

We are finalizing 2 amazing separate long weekend dives in Puerto Rico. One in the north east section of the Island with amazing reefs and dive locations. The other in the south part of the Island with wall diving that sparks the imagination.

We have partnered with a new travel co-ordinator to bring exotic travel to The Dive Place. Silfra where you will dive between the North American and European techtonic plates. Australia and The Great Barrier Reef.  Atlantis Phillipines Liveaboard with 10 days of luxury and diving. And Palau one of the brass rings of Scuba Diving with it's many WWII wrecks and stunning reefs.

With all these additions and changes and a whole lot more we haven't even talked about yet. It really is a very exciting time to be a part of The Dive Place family. 

We would like to thank everyone for their support, devotion and continued patronage during the economic downturn that the entire dive industry is recoving from. 

Rest assured The Dive Place will continue to grow and be your dive store for a long time to come! Keep watching for more exciting news as we continue forward.

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