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Just To Be Clear - We Are Open!

As many of you know, the winter months for the dive industry saw a huge downturn. Several dive stores closed, and several were teatering on the edge.

We decided to be proactive and launched a GoFund Me drive to ensure our continued survival. And thanks to the amazing generosity of many of our Guests we were not only able to brave the winter but grow and advance our business.

We are not going anywhere and we are not closing despite some misinformation that is being put out there.

Infact we are on track with our projected growth plans. We are launching Splash - The TDP Dive Club that has unique offering that others do not. We have introduced and had incredible sucess with the OTS Full Face masks. We are expanding out Dive Adventure and travel to new and exciting destinations.

And this is just the begining. There is a whole lot more coming that we will be announcing over the next month.

We ask our dedicated Dive Family if you see, read or hear the misinformation that we are closing please let us know where you heard or saw it so we can address it.

Our commitment to you is that we are your dive center and will continue to be fo a very long time to come!

Brad - Noel - Chance - BJ - Charles - Walter - Chris - Sean

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