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An Update On What's Happening

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us here at The Dive Place. Our Christmas/Inventory Reduction/Expansion/Clearance sale is in full swing.

The expansion is going well. The construction crew have completed the openings between the existing and additional space. Not they just have to remove the old carpet in the store font and some cleaning and we can take over.

It certainly will be nice to have some room to spread out again.

Once BJ paints and gets it looking all pretty we will put up fixtures and start adding products.

It will take a little while to construct interior walls but we are not really in a hurry to get that done at this stage.

Dive Adventures.

PUERTO RICO - We are still working on the Puerto Rico Adventure. It is scheduled for the end of February but it may move into mid March as we verify availability. Once the Holiday is over we will lock down dates and pricing for those interested. We are planning several trips to Puerto Rico each exploring different parts of the island and the many wonderful varied dive sites Puerto Rico has to offer.

GEORGIA AQUARIUM - We have quite a few requests t return to The Georgia Aquarium. You asked for it, we will do it. We will be adding it back into our dive roster beginning 2nd quarter of 2024. Keep in mind that there are only 8 spaces per dive and it usually sells out quickly. So watch for details.

EAST COAST ATLANTIC DIVES - Our next 2 tank Atlantic boat dive is scheduled for January 27th. There is still just a couple of spaces left on this dive. If you'd like to join us reserve your space now before they are gone.

KP HOLE NIGHT DIVES - We will be adding KP Hole Night Dives to the Schedule once it starts to get a little warmer of a night. Exiting 72 degree water into cold night air is not fun. Watch out for those.

THE FLOIDA KEYS - Later in 2024 we will be returning to the Florida Keys for an extended long weekend. Typically our trips to The Keys occur around September-ish.

CAYMANS - We will be venturing out of our normal areas to the Caymans. This will be a must do Adventure. No details yes but we decided yes it is a must do.

PENSACOLA - We have talked about doing a trek to Pensacola to explore the many war ships, planes and other fascinating dive sites that are off the coast of Pensacola and Dustin including the mighty Oriskany.


As many of yo know we were asked to manage and run an onboard dive center on a new venture that was to be a 3 year long voyage around the world offering dive excursions and certifications. The original company Life At Sea to put I mildly has gone all but belly up. They cancelled the trip as they were unable to secure a ship.

There are many questions about the deposits people paid, where did the monies go? When exactly will they get their refunds? It was and remains all very shady.

There are several other legitimate companies who are starting similar operations. We have been contacted by one of them to do the same thing as we would have done onboard LaS. They are looking to set sail April May-ish 2024.

The ship will be much better suited for this type of venture. In addition the The senior management of this company are listening to our input on the itinerary for both dive locations/excursions as well other ideas. As they prepare to make their official announcements we will also be looking to add additional Instructor Crew Members to staff the ship. Exciting times ahead!


THE DIVE PALCE.COM - We redesigned The Dive Place web site. It was time to do a major refresh to the look and feel of the website. We are adding new features such as FAQ, An expanded video library that will contain information of basic skills, equipment, dive locations, reviews and dive news.

ONLINE STORE - Part of our physical expansion is to have space for shipping of products ordered or expanded online store. We have been looking at spent countless hours researching numerous online store/e-commerce applications. How they integrate to the many e-commerce sites such as Facebook, Amazon to name just a couple. We thought we fond one that links directly to our Point Of Sale system has all the features we were after but it doesn't link/integrate to other platforms and the ascetics of it just look bad. So this remains a work in progress.

Well Blog Buddies, this does it for this mega update. As we head into 2024 one of our New Year priorities is to keep up with these updates, the student galleries and to keep you all in the loop as to what is happening at The Dive Place.

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