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The innovative Poseidon One Shoe is worth wearing above and below the surface.


Designed to complement all dive suits. The One Shoe is made of sturdy neoprene with waterproof back zipper. Protective, desirable and functional in equal measures, the One Shoe fits snugly around the diver's foot and is extremely durable.


Made in Supratex with rubber sole, and elastic bungee cord. This step in shoe has the zipper in the back, elastic bungee cord to keep the shoe slim around the diver's foot, and complimented with a high durability sole.


Shoes are available in multiple sizes.


The design of the Poseidon One Shoe bootie as a step-in shoe with a zipper closure in the back and elastic bungee cord laces allows the diver to keep the shoe slim around the foot.


The high durability rubber sole makes boarding ladders and shore entries a snap. The Neoprene® fabric and rubber sole easily tolerate harsh marine environments


The One Shoe may be used as a bootie for diving with open heeled fins or simply worn as a shoe for everyday use.

Come and see the incredible Poseidon One Shoe for yourself at The Dive Place.


The Poseidon One Shoe Dive Boot Features

  • 24 month limited warranty 

  • Shoe Worth Wearing Above-and-Below the Surface

  • Designed to Complement the Poseidon One Suit

  • Works w/Most All Dive Suits

  • Sturdy Neoprene w/Waterproof Back Zipper from YKK

  • Protective, Desirable and Functional in Equal Measures

  • Fits Snugly Round Diver's Foot & is Extremely Durable

  • Supratex with Rubber, High Durability Sole

  • Elastic Bungee Cord: Keeps Shoe Slim Around Diver's Foot

  • Color: Black/White - Black/Black - Pink - Red

  • Available in Sizes Ladies 5-11, Mens 5-14.

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