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The Dive Place Getaway's Update.

With the present situation of the Coronavirus and the amount of restrictions at parks, beaches and dive operators across the state and country we are making many adjustments and rescheduling of our Dive Adventures and Getaways.

With the uncertainty of how long this is going to last we are delaying and rescheduling Adventures far enough out that will hopefully avoid any constant changes.

This rescheduling ONLY applies to Dive Adventures and NOT our regular classes.

We are working with the dive operators we use as well as locations like The Georgia Aquarium. We are making tentative dates for Dive adventures but please keep in mind these are tentative and subject to change.

As the situation changes and the all clear is given and the parks, beaches and dive operators resume operation, we will have announce solid confirmation of dates and Adventures.

All of us here at The Dive Place thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time. The safety of our guests and our Crew Members is alway paramount.

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