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Sailing Around The World - Updated!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

One sinks others sail! As many of you have read, seen or heard the Life At Sea 3 year cruise was cancelled. Miray who owns Life At Sea could not raise the money to secure a ship. Despite stringing passengers and vendors like us along it ultimately failed.

Miray who owns Life At Sea could not raise the money to secure a ship. Miray cancelled their cruse then abruptly turned around saying it is only postponed until November 2024.

Despite stringing passengers and vendors along with delay after delay they were not able to secure a ship.

So what's next? Is it all over? Short answer no! There are several other cruise companies that will be offering a similar type of product - a multi year around the world cruise.

We have looked at several of them and what they offer and more important their viability. In addition who would be a good partnership to work with us and offer a dive around the world type program.

We are excited to be working with one company in particular that is planning to set sail in March/April 2024. Their concept and plan is exciting.

We will be working with then to assist them with an itinerary that will provide maximum diving capabilities.

When thinking of diving most people think of sunny warm tropical waters. Unlike Life At Sea and the excessively restrictive itinerary it had planned we are talking to our new partner about the wonders of cold water diving and what it has to offer.


With offering passengers the opportunity to earn their SDI Dry Suit Specialty Diver Certifications an entire new world opens to the onboard scuba divers. True Adventures like none they have experienced.

Personally we are looking forward to Deception Island in Antartica. It's history and the incredible sights below the waves are just the start.

Keep watching as we will make more details knows as when we can share them. This really is a voyage of a lifetime and we are pleased that this new opportunity is going to happen.

Our expansion plans include hiring Scuba Diving Instructors that are willing to set sail and spend 3 to 4 months at a time on the ship as it cruises around the world.

Truly exciting times!

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