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Puerto Rico! Early 2024

Explore Puerto Rico with us and all it has to offer above and below the water.

Early 2024 (either late January or early February) we will be making the trek over to Puerto Rico to explore the many wonders to be found there.

From lush tropical rainforests to historic San Juan to the bioluminescent water of Bio Bay. Scuba diving in Puerto Rico is as varied as the island its self. We will be visiting some amazing coral reefs and experiencing the thrill of Wall Diving.

To enhance the experience from a local perspective our Instructor Walter will be joining us on this Adventure. Walter will be able to ensure you have a great time and experience true local diving, sightseeing and especially the foods Puerto Rico has to offer.

We are working on the dates and rates at the moment and will publish full details as soon as we have them worked out. Come with us and live the adventure!


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