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New Horizons

As we head towards the end of 2019 and edge closer to 2020 we are planning our expansion and growing class schedule. With the growing demand for classes we are looking for Open Water Scuba Instructor to join our team and become one of our crew members.

It is important that our in-water crew members enjoy sharing their knowledge with their students, has the patience to guide their students through training.

To many times some Instructors become inpatient and lack empathy towards their student divers. They throw their hands up with " oh I am only making them a supervised diver". Or They willingly be a scuba diver not Open water qualified. This is NOT the type of person we choose to have at The Dive Place.

What we want is someone that is going to make that challenging student diver their project. Someone that will make it their personal goal and work with that student diver to achieve success. This is the type of Instructor we are looking for.

If you are the type of instructor we are looking for then we would love to hear form you.

Click on and upload your resume to us.

We are an equal opportunity employer.


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