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The Dive Place is pleased to welcome Hog Dive Equipment to our family. HOG is known the world over as the brand for Technical and Advanced Divers that want rugged

no-nonsence high performance regulators.

The HOG D3/Zenith set come with a flexible 28" braided hose and was rated "Testers Choice" by Scuba Lab against other big name brands.

HOG D3 1st Stage is sealed to protect against cold, dirty or salt water environments.

Equipped with 2 HP and 5 LP ports this balanced diaphragm system is a compact design complete with 360 degree rotating turret.

HOG Zenith 2nd stage is pneumatically balanced adjustable 2nd that makes breathing underwater almost feel natural. The Zenith utilizes an Advanced Current-Flow Dispersing cover design and silicon soft touch purge assembly.

The Duel Diver Adjustable features allow for condition specific tuning for each stage of your dive. These features make the Zenith reach new levels of performance while creating a striking image

The HOG D3/Zenith features.

  • High-Pressure Ports: 2HP Ports

  • Low-Pressure Ports: 5 LP Ports

  • 1st Stage Type: Diaphragm Balanced

  • Environmental Kit

  • Swivel 1st & 2nd Stages

  • 2nd Stage Balanced Adjustable

  • Venturi

  • Silicone Front Cover

Come and see the incredible HOG D3/Zenith for yourself at The Dive Place.

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