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Getting Ready For 2024

Christmas has been and gone and we are now busy getting ready for 2024. If you have beed to the store in the past couple of weeks you have seen the black plastic sheeting hanging while construction is happening on the expansion.

We are scheduled to start moving boxes and various things into the backstage area of the expansion starting Today.

Shelving and rental equipment will be the top of the list giving us room to finally be able to maneuver about.

If all goes well BJ will start to paint the backstage area by the end of the week.

Then we can run cables, put up storage shelves, reposition various items. No more closet under the stairs as an office - yea! From the there the list grows.

Hopefully the first week of January the front section will have the nasty carpet removed, be primed and ready for BJ to paint.

As soon a that is done we will be able to hang grid wall, monitors and Brad can work his magic and start moving products and merchandising in the new area.

With Walters help and hard work

we have been working on the website testing some exciting new features and options for 2024.

The new look/color scheme has been well received and the addition of the soon to be released new features will be some great additions. We expect it to go live in February.

Once the expansion is operational we can then concentrate on other projects including Puerto Rice, The Georgia Aquarium, additional travel plans and new products ready for the 2024 season.

Vendors are finally shipping back ordered products. 2024 is starting to shape up and look a whole lot better than planned!

The Dive Place Crew.

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