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Even More Adventures!

Our travel co-ordinator has been working on adding some exciting Dive Adventures to our Schedule and will publish a long list of Adventures this week.

We will be bringing back our "Mellow Monday" and "Tranquil Tuesday" dives to the schedule featuring the return to Blue Heron Bridge.

We are adding additional Walkers Charters, as well as the extremely popular KP Hole Night Dives. Puerto Rico dates and locations will be available the end of this coming week with some exciting and incredible dives.

For the adventureous the USS Oriskany dive will be in August. Certainly a bucket list dive not to be missed. The ever popular Florida Keys weekend in September promises to be a great weekend of diving.

We are looking at additional dates for The Georgia Aquarium

Turks & Caicos, Silfra - Iceland, The Great Barrier Reef, Palau are all on the horizon along with Atlantis Phillipines in 2026.

Yes this really is a great time to be a part of our world.

Brad - Noel - Chance - BJ - Charles - Walter - Chris

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