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Dive Adventures - Date Changes

Due to the boat being out of the water we have had to change some of our Dive adventure dates.

The Walkers West palm Dive adventure has been rescheduled to February 24th. The boat is out of the water undergoing a repair and won't be back in the water until early February-ish.

As to not have to reschedule again we chose late February for our charter.

With moving the boat charter we have had to juggle some other dates.

The KP Hole at Rainbow River Day Dive is now scheduled for February 4th. For those who have not experienced Rainbow River this is a nice easy and very relaxing dive!

This week we will be finalizing our May return to The Georgia Aquarium to experience the Dive With Gentle Giants.

Diving with the Whale Sharks is an incredible experience you will never forget. These majestic animals are truly like nothing else you will ever dive with and will never forget.

The team is working on "the Project" and it is set to be underway in April-May 2024. We are going to be managing, staffing and organizing the dive operations onboard the ship.

Though it was delayed it is turning out to be a much better operation. The Dive Around The World Program is exciting.

The expansion is in the home stretch. We have painted and starting adding fixtures to the new retail area as well as the area.

It will be great to have everything out of

storage, sorted and in it's proper place in the new expansion.

This is a very exciting time for us.

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