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Finally - They are shipping!

Great News - finally the new Hollis ST wing systems are starting to ship! As they clear QC at Hollis they are being packed and shipped. We are scheduled to have the first couple in the store Wednesday August 4th if Fed Ex is on time.

The new ST Wing System takes recreational diving to the next level. The freedom and comfort on the ST Systems is beyond compare. The flexibility in configuration is second to none.

With it's Simple. Rugged. Minimalist design with full-featured comfort.

Customizable and pre-assembled ready to dive! Take it one step further and dress it up with one or some of it's optional features.

Rebuilt from the ground up. It all starts with the foundation for the new Hollis technical harness systems.

Both the Aluminum and the Stainless Steel feature improved ergonomics for a more comfortable fit, but are still short enough to fit smaller frame divers.

Geometry of the webbing slots is similar to our prior design to ensure reverse compatibility for all Hollis buoyancy accessories, so if you have a current Hollis harness, wing or weight system, this new plate will fit.

Stop by The Dive Place and see this amazing next step in evolution.

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