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Enjoy full creative freedom with SeaLife's new line of digital underwater cameras. 


Designed and engineered as underwater cameras, the Micro 2.0 and DC200 will let you capture and share your underwater adventures with stunning results no action camera could offer! 


Small and ergonomic, the Micro 2.0 camera is easy to handle underwater, operating with three wide “Piano Key” controls. 


With a 16MP SONY® CMOS Image Sensor for stunning still images, full 1080p HD video and a built-in 130-degree Fisheye Lens, the Micro 2.0 provides everything needed to capture and share your underwater encounters down to 200 feet.



The Micro 2.0 has no doors or openings that could possibly leak. With either 64GB or 32GB of onboard memory, high capacity internal battery and WiFi, there's no need for memory cards, batteries, O-rings, or maintenance.


An Easy Setup Guide provides a fast and intuitive way to select a color correction mode for your diving environment. Get even more color out of your shots by easily expanding the Micro 2.0 camera with one or two Sea Dragon Lights and Flex-Connect Trays, Grips, Arms and accessories.


  • Permanently sealed – No waterproof doors or O-rings to maintain.


  • Full 1080p HD video at 60fps or 30fps


  • 16MP SONY® CMOS image sensor  for sharp, colorful pictures


  • WiFi to wirelessly preview, download and share pictures/videos to smart phone or tablet with free SeaLife Micro Cam app. 


  • USB Cable connection allows for downloading direct to your computer. 


  • Four Land & Sea™ scene modes - Land, Dive, Snorkel, and Light


  • Three built-in underwater color correction filters


  • “Piano Key” controls for easy operation, with or without gloves


  • Picture in Video - Take still images while recording full HD video


  • Waterproof  to 200ft / 60m


DC - 2000

Enjoy full creative freedom with the new DC2000 digital underwater camera. Featuring a large SONY® 1” type back-illuminated 20MP image sensor and RAW formatting capabilities, the DC2000 will take your underwater photography to the next level.


With an ultra-fast auto focus and shutter response, you'll never miss a shot. Let your imagination and creativity rule by selecting from the 8 shooting modes: manual, aperture, underwater, shutter, program, intelligent auto, land, and panorama. JPEG and RAW (Adobe .dng) imaging formats are available, providing you with nearly endless photo editing options.


With DSLR-like imaging results, you'll want to make the DC2000's waterproof inner camera your go-to land camera with the ability to capture rich landscapes and stunning close-ups and portraits.


With JPEG and RAW (Adobe .dng) imaging formats being available, the DC2000 provides you with nearly endless photo editing options enabling your photo's to come to life as never before.


  • Ultra-fast shutter response of 0.1 seconds


  • 4 Underwater Shooting Modes for sharp, colorful underwater pictures under any conditions


  • 3 built-in underwater digital color correction filters: shallow water (snorkeling), deep water (diving) or “green” water (algae bloom)


  • 25 Land Scene modes adjust camera settings for specific shooting environments


  • Continuous Burst Shooting shoots high resolution 20MP pictures up to 10 frames per second


  • Manual White Balance control to customize UW color correction to your specific depth and water conditions


  • Manual shutter and aperture for complete control over image exposure from 15 to 1/2000 seconds and F1.8 to F11 in 0.3 stop increments


  • Auto focus from 4”(10cm) to infinity 


  • WiFi to wirelessly preview, download and share pictures/videos to smart phone or tablet with free Link123 Plus app. Includes Geotagging and “Auto Send” functionality.


  • Micro SD, SDHC SDXC and UHS-1 memory card compatible up to 64GB


  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) – CCD shift technology reduces camera shake


  • Depth rated down to 200ft/60m (camera in housing)


  • Depth rated down to 60ft/18m (inner camera)



The incredible line of SeaLife cameras are returning to The Dive Place later in July. 


The SeaLife line of cameras are available in several configurations. 


Camera only.

Camera with 2500 Sea Dragon video light.

Camera 1500 Sea Dragon strobe light.

Camera with both Sea Dragon Lights.


Stop by later in July and make one of these camera's a part of your adventures! 

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