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The Shearwater SWIFT wireless transmitter is compatible Shearwater Perdix-AI, Teric and NERD 2 model dive computers. It is also compatable with specific Hollis, Oceanic, and Aeris brand dive computers that support hoseless air integration.


The transmitter is compatable to read up to 40% Oxygen and has arating of

up to { 500 ft | 150 m }. It operates off a user replaceable, widely available, CR2 photo battery. 


Each transmitter has its own unique ID and multiple transmitters can be linked to a Shearwater Computer.


In two transmitter applications such as sidemount or CCR, the Shearwater SWIFT Transmitter minimizes interference with each other. 


Shearwater supplies the transmitter with a small zippered hard case that is included with the transmitter and provides the transmitter with a very snug secure fit for transportation.


The Transmitter uses a Size AS568-012 Vitron 0-ring at the base. The battery cap o-ring used is Size AS568-016, Nitrile (Buna-N) A70

Shearwater SWIFT Transmitter

  • The Shearwater Transmitter comes with:

    • Ballistic Nylon Case
    • User Manual
    • Wrist Strap
    • Bungie Cord
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