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The Seac® ACTION HR dive computer, appropropriate for both SCUBA and Freediving, packs all the features needed to get the most out of your undersea adventures in an everyday wearable watch size. Travel the world in style while getting the most our of your time underwater.


Easy to Use, with 3 Main Modes:

Scuba Mode: full management of recreational dive profiles with a Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm for 1 or 2 mixes(air, Nitrox, and mixes with O2 concentrations up to 99%).
Gauge Mode: Depth gauge and stopwatch for managing your dive profiles independently.
Freediving Mode: Dive/surface time, current/maximum depth.

SEAC Action HR Dive Computer

  • Primary Features:

    • Logbook Memory: SCUBA mode: 40 hours with records every 5”.
    • Freediving Mode: 18 hours of activity with records every 2”.
    • Safety Warning: MOD exceeded alarm, deco stop violated alarm, ascent speed alarm, No-Fly time and desaturation calculations, maximum permitted altitude warning.
    • Ultra-durable structure treated for improved resistance to blows, corrosion, and swings in temperature.
    • LCD screen with contrast and adjustable-intensity backlighting.
    • Long-lasting CR2450 battery.

    Dive Manager:

    • Dive Manager software for MAC/PC (requires Windows 10), available free of charge at
    • Download data via USB cable (optional accessory).

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