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While staying at home during the many loackdowns and Stay At Home orders, what better way to pass the time than brush up on your Scuba Diving knowledge.


The SDI Inactive Diver/Refresher Program is designed to update and review the knowledge and skill level of an inactive diver. This program can also be used as a catalyst for continuing education programs.


Who this course is for:

  • The certified diver who has been inactive for a period of time and wishes to review the scuba skills and academic information before starting to dive again

Course prerequisites:

To participate in the SDI Inactive Diver/Refresher Course, the individual must:

  • Have proof of an SDI Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent from a recognized dive training organization


What you can expect to learn:

Although one in-water training dive is required, the instructor or assistant instructor may use their discretion with reference to the skills needed to complete the dive.

TDP at Sea Inactive Diver Class

  • SDI Inactive Diver includes:

    • SDi eLearning
    • In-Water Training
    • Use of Regulator Set, BCD, Wetsuit and Scuba Tanks during training.

    Not included:

    • Required personal items - Mask, Snorkel, Boots, Fins, Weights and a Rescue Signal Device
    • Any equipment required for a particular specialty dive
    • Admission to Scuba Diving Training Facilities
    • Boat or Ramp fees

    See Store for full details.

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