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For SCUBA and fitness activities, the MISSION2 is your go-to watch! Atmos’ ground-breaking tool records and keeps track of a wide range of sporting activities, including diving, swimming, bicycling, skiing, jogging, and walking. The watch also has a heart rate monitor, step meter, calories used calculator, and sleep tracking capabilities!


Atmos 2 Meets All of Your Diving Needs

• Super intuitive user interface
• Scuba Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes
• Freediving mode (Multiple Ascent & descent notify)
• New! Freediving Pool mode
• Gauge mode (Bottom Timer)
• Mark GPS coordinates & dive spot guidance

Atmos Mission 2 Dive Computer

  • Embrace adventure with the ATMOS Mission 2 - your ultimate Sports and Health companion! Whether you're diving, biking, skiing, or just tracking your daily steps, this smartwatch has got you covered. With its inbuilt heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and calorie counter, maintaining your health goals is now at your fingertips.The Mission 2's vibrant 1.2" high-resolution color screen is your portal to real-time GPS info, a digital compass, and smart notifications. And the best part? It's sunlight-visible, ensuring clarity, whether you're under the sun or the sea.

    Hear, See, and Feel the Alarms

    With Vibration, Visual, and Audible alarms, you’ll never miss your safety or deco stops; you’ll always be warned of ascending too quickly; and you’ll always know when you’ve reached your customized Depth and Time limits.

    Sports and Health

    • Multisport: Running, Swimming, Biking, Skiing
    • Health: Heart rate, Step counter, Calories calculation, Sleep monitoring
    • Built in Altimeter, Compass
    • Weather & Tidal (App required)

    Smart and Stylish Design

    • Smartphone notifications
    • Digital, analog, and custom photo watch faces
    • ATMOS App
    • Upgradeable firmware
    • Quick release watch strap