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On The Way!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Now it's real. The first of the Hollis prism2 Rebreathers has shipped. "1928' as I call her is set to arrive Tuesday. We are super excited to have the Prism2's in the store, to start training on them and to be using them.

We are expecting to be completed with our training on the Prism2's and to start classes for our students in March 2020.

This will allow us time to have all the training and support materials that are needed be in place.

In the mean time we are also able to offer full training on the Prism2 with one of or Instructor Trainers located in Riviera Beach Florida.

We have already had an incredible amount of interest in the Prism2 from our guests who are looking to take their diving to the next level.

Come Tuesday afternoon, you will be able to see touch and gaze at the Prism2 for yourself!

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