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A classic design from Poseidon. The Trident Fin is ideal for those who prefer enjoy the powerful thrust and heightened maneuverability offered by the Poseidon Trident Fin.


This short rigid fin featuring heavy-duty 100% all rubber construction provides performance and power along with maneuverability and reliable durability for years of service. 

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Although these fins look very similar to other brands, Trident fin design uses a pronounced "edge" on the side of the fin blade that assists with precise turns and movement. 


Designed for technical divers, the fins include a stainless steel heel strap with a rubber "Easy Grip" sheath that makes use simple even with heavy gloves on.


Available in Black or Red the Trident fin is the perfect multi-purpose fin for sport divers through technical divers. 


The Trident fins are notably one of the shortest fins in its technical diving class making it easier to pack and transport while still providing the propulsion you need for doubles or CCR diving.


Several features set the Trident Fins apart from it' competitors. The length of the fin is slightly shorter than others allowing for maximum maneuverability.


The top of the fin boot is a softer rubber that prevents the fin from cutting into the top of the foot. 

Unlike some competitors the stainless steel spring strap easily stays in place on the rear of the heel.

The Trident fins provide the diver with comfort, power and maneuverability in a compact powerhouse of a fin.

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