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Light & Motion’s GoBe lights are extremely versatile and affordable. These light weight lights are perfect underwater lights.

The fact that you can change lightheads (above water) makes it a great light for newer divers/photographers who will slowly add more heads and also for more seasoned divers/photographers wanting light for a specific application.


Offering a wide range of various easy to change lightheads gives the GoBe bodies ultimate in versatility transforming it to adapt to various lighting conditions.

The lightheads come a variety of spot and wide angle light ranging from 20 to 60 degrees.

Wide Lighthead

  • Brightness (lumens):  700

  • Beam Angle:  60 degrees

  • Burn Time (with 3.0 body):  1.5hrs at 700 lumens (high), 12hrs at 100 lumens (low)

  • Best Uses:  Focus or Video light, hiking, camping or other activities where field of view is more important than beam distance.


Spot Lighthead


  • Brightness (lumens):  500 & 700

  • Beam Angle:  20 degrees

  • Burn Time: 

  • o   500 (with 2.2 body):  1.5hrs at 500 lumens (high), 12hrs at 70 lumens (low)

  • o   700  (with 3.0 body):  1.5 hrs at 700 lumens (high), 12hrs at 100 lumens (low)

  • Best Uses:  Dive light, cycling, trail running or general flashlight.


Transform GoBe to experience the fluorescence of plants, underwater and terrestrial critters and minerals.

Engineered with leading scientists, Nightsea technology delivers the perfect wavelength of blue light to excite otherworldly fluorescence.  Perfect for underwater and topside exploring – areas like tide pools are an excellent place to search out fluoro subjects.  The lighthead includes a phosphor flip-cap to easily switch between the blue NightSea and a white navigation light.


  • 12° spot beam helps concentrate the blue light on a specific area

  • 750 mW radiant flux output, Color wavelength: 440-460nm

  • Engineered with the highest level CREE LEDs and optimized firmware

  • Includes phosphor cover to change blue light into white with a flip of the cap; useful for navigation and orientation.

  • Compatible with all GoBe battery handles

  • For optimum viewing of fluorescence, a yellow mask filter is required

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