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The Dive Place Guest SURVEY

Guest Feedback - Dive Adventures

We would love to hear about your experience on your Dive Adventure. Feel free to share suggestions, ideas or anything else that comes to mind.

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Where was your Dive Adventure to?

Overall how would you rate your Dive Adventure experience?

Overall how would you rate your Dive Adventure experience?

Why did you choose this rating?

Do you feel that the dive briefing was thorough enough to prepare you for the dive?

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Was The Dive Place Instructor/Divemaster available to answer any questions?

Multi choice

Was the boat crew / guides attentive to your needs and able to answer any questions may have had?

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When entering the water were you able to stay as a group?

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Were you told to do a hot or negative entry with a deflated BC and just go straight down?

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If you did a hot/negative entry please describe your experience and how you felt about it

Would you do this Dive Adventure again?

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Please share any suggestions or ideas for improvements you may have.

Contact US

Do you have a question you would like answered? Or you may need some more information?  Perhaps you just want to simply say hi?


Simply fill out the form here, and one of The Dive Place crew members will contact you.


Of if you prefer feel free to call The Dive Place directly at 407-517-4737. 


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