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Take your diving to a whole new level and Go Beyond with the Hollis Explorer Recreational Rebreather.


Imagine being able to extend dive times, improve the dive experience, and get closer to marine life like never before. Then the Hollis Explorer is a dream come true. 


Get ready to Go Beyond!  



Explore like never before and Go Beyond with the Hollis Explorer recreational rebreather. 


The Explorer’s unique single Nitrox tank design allows for a dive experience previously reserved for those divers with larger technical rebreather.


The Explorer is a compact, easy-to-use, single gas (Nitrox) recreational unit with built in safety features that lets you enjoy the dive without worry.


The Explorer is the perfect unit for photographers, videographers, and marine enthusiasts.


Enjoy the physiological benefits of breathing warm gas, benefit from extended dive times up to

2 hours, and with so few bubbles, get closer to marine life than ever before.


Traveling divers will find the Explorer the perfect option to lugging around different pieces of equipment to allow for different locations, different profiles, or with the sole intent of extending dive time. The whole unit weighs in at less than 44 lb, so it’s easy to bring the Explorer wherever your dive travels take you.


Compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use.

The Explorer is unique in using a single gas, Nitrox, and is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of PPO2 and dive time.


Clever electronics, computer software, and simple- to-use controls, resulting in units that, to a certain extent, remove the potential for human error and make them consequently easier to use. In using a single nitrox cylinder, the Explorer eliminates any potential risks associated with using pure O2 in a rebreather system.



Divers from all backgrounds are amazed how easy it is to put together on land and then dive it in water.


Onboard checks guarantee your rebreather is assembled correctly before you enter the water require minimal user input, allowing for the build and pre-dive checks to be completed usually in around 15 minutes. 


Computer prompted setup on a vivid OLED screen with simple & straightforward ‘GO’ or ‘NO GO’ system monitoring makes setting up the Explorer simple. 


Full CO2 tracking, PO2 monitoring and state of the art canister design make the Explorer one of the safest rebreathers on the market. 


The Primary Display, LED HUD option allows you to monitor your loop PO2 via the heads-up display using color LEDs. The actual loop PO2 for each of three sensors is displayed via a flashing code.


The wrist-mounted computer provides a simple “Check and Dive” functionality, keeping the interface between machine and diver as easy to use as possible.


The Explorer uses diver fillable cartridges; easy setup; has CO2 tracking and 2 hour dive duration. 


The patented design utilizes a fixed PO2 with a semi-closed function from a single cylinder of Nitrox; ranging from 32-40%. 


The intelligent electronics supplied with the Explorer has a pre-dive diagnostic sequence which runs with just a few prompts to the diver. 


The Explorer automatically analyses the gas mixture, adjusts it accordingly, and performs a series of checks, including loop volume and CO2 detection during pre-breathe sequence. 


Once the Explorer is “ready to dive” the diver is ready to safely enter the water.



  • Nitrox Electronically Controlled Hybrid - uses readily available Nitrox in 32-40%.


  • Simple user interface is easy to learn, and easy to dive with.


  • Automated Pre-dive Setup assures that the Explorer is prepared for the dive.


  • Automated Breathing Loop control gives minimal bubbling and hydrostatically controlled buoyancy.


  • Bail-out mouthpiece gives a quick one handed operation from closed circuit to open circuit.


  • Scrubber thermal monitoring and CO2 sensing assures good gas in the breathing loop.


  • PPO2 intelligently controlled for a proper balance of PP02 and bottom time.


  • Automated dive data logging.


  • Back mounted counter lungs with streamlined cover to offer good protection.

  • Modular component design makes it easy to setup and clean.



Go Beyond and take it to the next level and  become a certified TDI Rebreather diver.


Rebreathers such as the Explorer Sport Rebreather are lightweight and are a easily transportable unit that uses sophisticated electronics that simplify use. 


Rebreathers allow longer no decompression limits, reduced gas consumption and unmatched wildlife encounters.


CLICK HERE for more detail on becoming a TDI Rebreather Rebreather Diver.

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