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Let The Dive Place take you on an adventure to experience the warm waters and the marine life rich natural limestone ledges of Destin Florida. Being a part of the DeSoto Canyon, deep waters are closer to shore than any other point on the Gulf of Mexico. 


Covered with sponges, aqua and purple sea whips, and a variety of colorful corals, the deep waters attract dolphins, six-foot manta rays, and huge loggerhead sea turtles. 


Divers can swim among huge schools of migrating mackerel, amberjack, and cigar minnows


In addition the artificial reefs consisting of shipwrecks, airplanes and missile parts are scattered along the sandy bottom.


Call The Dive Place on 407-517-4737 to join us on this fun and wonderful dive adventure!

Destin Florida LOCATION

To dive the deeper waters at Destin, Advanced Scuba Diver Certification and Nitrox Certification is highly recommended. Wreck certification is required for any wreck penetrating.


The Dive Place can help you obtain certifications prior to the amazing adventure.


To reserve your space, or if you have any questions about diving with us on this fantastic adventure, please call 

The Dive Place on 407-517-4737.

Let us show you The Dive Place difference!

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